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Name (Nick): Sora
Birthday: August 16
Fave Band: Orange Range
Fave Color: Orange, Silver
Fave Food: Beef and Broccli, sushi
Likes: Shounen ai, Drawing, Final Fantasy Games
Dislikes: Overachievers
Quote: "Boku wa~"

Name (Nick): San
Birthday: December 20
Fave Band: Rip Slyme
Fave Color: Purple, Silver, Rainbow
Fave Food: Menudo, Enchiladas
Likes: Cats, New Socks, Yaoi/Shounen ai, Final Fantasy Games, Drawing
Dislikes: Drawing on schedule, mean people (although i'm a little mean myself), ignorant people, and people who can't take a joke
Quote: "No talky when I talky."

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